Seasonal Rental

What's the Deal

Rent Seasonal Products for 45 days at 40% of the original cost. Minimum Order Value of $200.

Why Rent

1. It is Cheaper than Buying.
2. You can enjoy more Expensive and Premium Product at a fraction of cost.
3. You can get fresh look every season.
4. Like most other shopping sites can not take returns for Seasonal Products, that's why we allow RENT option

What Products are eligible for Seasonal Rental

Following products currently eligible for Rental:
1. All Christmas Tree Ornaments and Accessories.
2. All Christmas Tree Lights.
3. All Decorative Indoor Lights.

How does it work

- Buy Seasonal Products worth $200 or more
- Use the Products for up to 45 days.
- Return products within 45 days of delivery.
- Get 60% back of your original Order Total.
> E.g. if your Order Total is 200, and you apply 10% coupon, which brings Order Total down to $180, when you return the item you will get 60% of $200 which is $120 refunded, after we receive the Product in good condition.

What if I want to keep some the Products

Great! We hope you love our products and you keep them :) We also allow you to apply Coupons went Renting, just in case you want to keep the product you should not feel you overpaid. Happy Customer!

You could return some or all the products in the order. You will get 60% refund of the items that you return.

Who will pay for the Return Shipping

You (buyer) will be responsible for Return Shipping to one address in United States. We would recommend you putting all the items in 1-2 large boxes.
Typical charges may vary between $5 - $20 depending on size of the box.

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