Pet Christmas Sweater Warm Knit Striped Puppy Clothes Xmas Custome For Dogs Cats

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Material: Polyester
Product Size:
S = length 21 bust 28 collar 22
M = length 24 bust 30 collar 26
L = length 28 bust 36 collar 30
XL = length 34 bust 42 collar 34
2XL = length 40 bust 48 collar 37

Manual measurement, 1-2cm is normal and does not affect normal use.
Because the display is not calibrated the same, the colors of the items in the photos displayed on the computer display may vary slightly.

Use pet clothes:
■ cold protection
The most important and basic function of dog clothes is to prevent cold and warmth. This is also an important reason for the rise of dog clothes. In the cold winter, although the pet has body hair can prevent cold, but after a long-term relationship with the person's own temperature regulation ability has been greatly weakened, easy to catch a cold, keep warm pet clothes.
■Health and hygiene
Pet babies have the property of hair removal. After wearing pet clothes, you can avoid pet dandruff on the bed and sofa, and bring a cleaner and more convenient life to the owner. Female pet dogs produce blood drops during physiological periods and wear pet physiological pants, which will ensure the health of the dog and avoid soiling the owner's floor. Therefore, more and more people choose to wear matching pet clothes on their pet babies.
■ cute and beautiful
Pet owners always like to dress their pets beautifully. Pet clothes are of course an indispensable accessory. As the saying goes: People rely on clothes, the Buddha depends on gold, and pets rely on clothes. Put on fashion and beautiful clothes, it can turn into a cute and amazing pleasing master. Pet clothing is the warm care of people for pets, satisfying people's emotional entertainment needs, and bred more and more pet clothing culture.

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